Guidelines for Participants in CSNN Distance Education Forums.

1. All advertising and promotional messages must be posted in the Promotions Forum. Any message deemed by CSNN directors to be promotional in nature that is posted in any other forum will be deleted. (This does not apply to informal mention of products in a discussion.)

2. It is the desire of CSNN that all participants feel free to share knowledge, experience and information in this forum and to then take what they have learned and share it with others outside the group. Indeed, information is for sharing and that is our reason for having made the discussion group available.  However, we also want all to feel free to express their opinions, whether negative or positive, to each other without fear of those opinions being broadcast to people outside the group. Therefore we ask that these opinions not be aired elsewhere without permission of the author.

3. Any messages posted which are detrimental to CSNN or to another group member, or which infer something false will be responded to by a posting to the group rather than confidentially.  Any such statements made publicly are deemed to warrant a public response.

4. No student shall post any messages to the group asking for help with any assignments, including case studies.  Any such questions should be sent directly to CSNN at or 1-800-328-0743.

5. Sharing of opinions is encouraged; however, inflammatory messages directed at any other group member, whether posted to the group or sent privately as a result of group activity, will not be tolerated.

6. Any persons engaged in a commercial venture that is deemed by CSNN directors to be in direct competition with CSNN are not entitled to be part of the group as they would gain access to inside information about CSNN.

7. No student shall post any messages to the group that are in violation of the laws of Canada and/or are derogatory or discriminatory against any group or individual.

CSNN reserves the right to remove from the group any individuals who are in violation of the above guidelines.